About Retromum Catering


Retromum Catering is me, Maria Azcona, together with my trusted and hardworking team.  Having been born into a wonderful family from Navarra, Northern Spain, my childhood and formative years were most definitely spent in the heart of the home, namely the kitchen.  I was surrounded by wonderful men and women who taught me three really basic rules of the kitchen:

Choose the freshest, best quality ingredients

Listen to what people say they like eating and incorporate these into your dishes and keep to budget

Dishes start off with fundamental, (some would say scientific) and proven methods, hence you go back to the basics in the art of cooking and we build our creativity of flavours and textures into the finished product   

Over the years, I have also been trained and worked in a number of small luxury hotels,where those three principals which I have grown up with are kept very much in mind.  My absolute love of food, of creating something from scratch to finishing with delicious mouthwatering dishes, producing the perfect setting, excellent service and a relaxed atmosphere for you and your guests, before, during and after is what Retromum Catering is about.